Identity Correlation-VSC
--In 2009, during my residency in Vermont Studio Center, I used local plastic tubes which were used for collecting maple syrups to build an wearable architecture. The architecture style was from an New England style historical building in 1810. By collecting the history and life style of Vermont, and wearing the Vermont style wearable house walking in and out of Lowe Lecture Hall, I experienced the life of people in Vermont. The photo slideshow also showed the audience the culture exchange between the local and new comer.
--2009年, 駐村於美國佛蒙特藝術村其間, 使用當地特有用來收集楓糖漿的塑膠管建造一件穿戴式建築. 建築的形式是來自一幢1810年的新英格蘭形式的歷史建築. 藉由收集當地的歷史及生活資料, 創作出屬於佛蒙特式穿戴著建築. 穿戴著建築在弗蒙特藝術中心的Lowe Lecture Hall 當中穿梭, 對於當地的歷史, 建築以及文化生活做了一次完整的調查與接觸
4 mins photo slideshow Views--> MP4