Identity Correlation Series
認同的關聯性 系列
--I used photographs and the video to document the process in which I wore various sculptures in different locations and searched for a place to fit in. These wearable sculptures are made with foam and in various styles of houses including Chinese, modern, country as well as art museum. They represented my identities in different contexts and also served as personal shelters to preserve my culture. This project suggests the ongoing process of transforming oneself to become part of surroundings.
--一系列穿著包裝材料作成的穿戴式建築與芝加哥街頭不同區域的建築物合影的記錄。這些穿戴式雕塑在身體或精神上都形成個人的保護屏障, 也象徵著不同的自我認同。藉由與當地建築物的合影,表達身為外地人對於希望融入當地的渴望, 卻因此成為一種特異的存在。
5 mins Performance view--> MP4
Archival Digital Prints: 17" X 24" /Each, 20 pieces in total.