The Trace of A Production Site
--This project is comprised of an installation and a performance. The installation is composed by copies of everyday objects such as radio, table etc. They are made with water-resistant polyethylene foam, a common packaging material. People usually discard the packaging foam after using it. I choose this material to represent my short-term ownership and relation to these daily objects. My artwork, which records the moments of life, will gradually distort and fall apart over time, just like my memories of these daily objects.
In my performance video, I show the process of building up and taking down a temporary working station and the process of making art. This piece reveals the similarity between art and commodity productions. The video reflects my life as an artist in transition who had gone through a never-ending work-in-process, like the ordeal of Sisyphus.
--此裝置是對於藝術創作, 工業生產模式以及記憶場所的再現. 介於日常生活用品與藝術品中間的混合物象徵著對這些生活用品短暫的記憶以及擁有, 他們會隨著時間扭曲變形, 就像過往的記憶一樣逐漸失真淡逝. 展演錄像是一段自我與他者的對話, 藉著展演中的不停的生產(我製造)以及消費(他者消費), 舉出工業收產模式以及藝術家創作中的相似性, 就如希臘神話中的薛弗西斯永無止盡的追尋. 整件裝置探討著創作者與他者的關係, 移動中無止盡的錯置以及追求永恆的虛無。
Performance Video (Collaboration with Hsuan-Wen Huang) View---->MP4
Installation: Foam, Glue, 8’ X 10’ X 5’, 2007
Performance: 5 mins