~I told you that I have experienced the city, and those are what I thought. They came to me in a sunny afternoon while I was walking through small alleys. The walls along the path were too high to see what’s inside. I kept walking long time and expected there would be an exit in the end. But there was not. Suddenly, the sun was almost covered and the rain came
down. There was no place to hide. Therefore, I had to dodge between walls, puddles and rain. I don't remember how long I was in those alleys. Finally, a small neighborhood square appeared, with shops, restaurants and playgrounds in front of me. ~

WALLs was the beginning of new series of projects that the artist started to develop during the residency in Homesession Barcelona from Sept. 2015. That was the first time she lived in Europe. This working-in-progress project not only related to her personal experiences while navigating the city, but also reflected current political situations in Spain as well as Europe as a whole.


∼告訴過你,我已經探索過這個城市,以下是我的經歷。它們在一個充滿陽光的下午在我漫步穿越小徑時突然出現。小徑周圍的牆太高,阻擋了我窺奇的視線。我繼續行走了一會兒,期待盡頭會有出口。但是事與願違,突然間,太陽幾乎消失; 雨同時落了下來。我無處可躲,只好在水窪、牆以及雨水之間閃躲。不知在小徑裡待了多久。最終,一個有著商店、餐廳及遊樂場的小型社區廣場出現在我的眼前∼

牆 計畫是黃郁涵於2015年9月在巴賽隆納駐村時,所創作出的一系列新作品的啟始。這是她第一次居住在歐洲,這個尚在進行中的計畫不僅與她個人探索歐洲城市的經驗有關,也反映出西班牙內部的分裂以及歐洲當前因難民問題所產生的政治現狀。

Installation View- right
Installation View- left
Arcylic paint and glue on frabic
Bee wax and dye on fabric
Arylic paint on canvas