--I created a series of small sculptures and photos from interpreting other immigrants’ migrating experiences during my residency in Barcelona, Spain. I Interviewed 10 immigration artists about their migrating process and asked them to choose one object relating to those experiences. Then, I “copied” those objects and I documented those copies in the settings that I designed according to interviewees’ stories. In this project, I combined the memories of interviewees with mine to form something in-between.

--我訪問有移民經驗的藝術家並請他們提供一件跟移居經驗有關的個人物件. 我運用製作模型的技巧, 用包裝材, 或紙等軟性材質“複製”民眾提供的物件, 並拍攝一系列與個人移民經驗與記憶的攝影作品, 企圖透露出物件下的真正情感.

Material: Mixedmedia. Digital images.