Identity Correlation-Taiwan
--It is an extension of Identity Correlations series of 2009. I believe that this series is not completed without Taiwan’s version. The project is made of photos shot at the time of twilight to express the feeling of being between the east and the west, as well as, the insider and outsider.
--旅外多年回國後, 因為經過長期西方文化的洗禮內化, 發覺除了國內環境的變化, 對於自己的原生文化, 產生不同於以往的想法. 此計畫用不同的角度詮釋我原本熟悉的母國文化, 呈現外來者再次融合的過程.
Archival Digital Prints: 51 X 33cm /Each, 11 pieces in total.