Deferred Self
-- Although sumi brush and ink were traditional medium of Chinese arts, I used them to make self-portrait following the western art tradition. I tried to draw as accurately as possible each time. However, the traces of my faces were getting blurry as I drew. This raises the question of gazing and being gazed-which faces will attract the attention of the viewers? Will be the faces I draw in the mirror, or the “real me” in the video? This project explores the triangular relationship between the artist, the viewers and the artwork.
--自我的形象的建塑, 對於長期文化認同定位模糊不定的台灣人, 一直是一個不停歇的課題. 此計畫希望表達心理的認知與鏡中形象的差異. 藉由不停的描繪, 探討凝視(Gaze)與文化認同的關係.
5 mins Performance View--> MP4