--This project presents the moments when new life and experience clash with old memories. The project is composed by fifty-five model-size houses. I install these small houses as a labyrinth to symbolize both the computer memory units and the brain cells. The images on the houses are my personal records of years of living in different places. I put two images linked to each other on every house. The installation is intended to invite the audience to experience the sense of disorientation caused either by the unfamiliarity of images or by the way the houses are arranged.
--在迅速存檔的電子記憶年代, 我們使用電腦記憶體多過人腦記憶區. 保存記憶似乎比過往容易. 但隨手的喀擦聲, 也代表我們的不經意以及快速遺忘. 對於移民者而言, 曾經深刻認同為家的地方, 因為時空距離日漸模糊及消退, 轉化成一段段大量卻破碎的電子影像. 新的文化及影像快速的轉換, 與過去的記憶相互碰撞消長, 產生似有若無的存在證明.
Memory-In-Process Installation (Site: 2.5m (H) X 7m X 14m)
Details (38cm(H) X 30cm X 20cm)/Each