Huang Huang’s art practice focuses on the relationships of cultural identities, subjectivity, displacement and our surroundings in cross-cultures context.

Huang had lived in North America for 9 years, and was awarded annual Asian Artist Fellowship from Vermont Studio Center in USA in 2009. After relocating back to Taiwan in 2010, she has received numerous grants from Taipei City, New Taipei City cultural Affairs as well as Taiwan Ministry of Culture and Canada Council for the Arts. Her work has been exhibited internationally including USA, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada and Europe. She was awarded by Taiwan Ministry of Culture to participate in an artist residency in Homesession, Barcelona Spain in Sep. 2015.


黃郁涵作品探討跨國經驗中的文化認同, 主體性, 錯置以及環境的關聯性.

旅居北美9年, 於2009年榮獲美國弗蒙特國際藝術村年度亞洲藝術家全額獎助計畫台灣代表. 2010年返台後連續榮穫台北市, 新北市文化局,台灣文化部以及加拿大國藝會等的藝文獎助, 作品曾在美國, 南韓, 台灣, 加拿大及歐洲多國展出. 2015年9月榮獲台灣文化部獎助前往西班牙巴塞隆納Homesession 視覺藝術協會駐村.